What is the right and most efficient way to build a house for VR (Oculus) without slow lantency.

What is the right and most efficient way to build a house/building (ground, floor and walls)?
If I am building a building with the UE4’s own cube the latency will be slow and it would be inefficient with VR (Oculus).
Please tell or send a link to f.eks. youtube that shows the right and most efficient way to build a house/building/dungeon/hall from the ground up for VR ( Oculus)
Especially when building lot of walls with different size and holes for doors

Please - Anyone?

Used baked lighting or lightmass.

It’s best to not break up a room into too small of pieces, I’d say for a small room, the floor/wall/ceiling can be one continuous mesh. It’s best to hide seams where they would be naturally.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

So it this simple example below it would be best to build each room (walls/floor/ceiling making room for doors/windows etc.) in ex. 3d-max and then put windows/doors and something on the walls after.

For single walls should I use the build in box or should I make a simple box in 3D-max and use that?


I would model each wall or room as it’s own piece of geometry, you don’t want seams in the middle of walls, otherwise it can cause artifacts when you bake lighting. You should build the walls in 3ds max. BSP and the boxes in UE4 aren’t ideal.

How do you “snap” walls properly in Blender and UE4? Eg. two walls that are two pieces of geometry that meet?