What is the recommended face count for a game with 120 active character models maximum?

Just wondering, cause I’m making a game of that level at some point, so… eh?

As low as you feel comfortable with

Part of that is going to depend on how many draw calls each character is made of, which can vary if each character has customization where gear and other components are actually separate objects.

Also don’t discount the effect of LODs, only a few near objects need to be full detail. The rest can be as low as you can get away with.

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Thank you both! this environment already feels more welcoming than Stack exchange!

Rough estimates:

Taking fortnite characters as example: anywhere between 25K to 50K per character

Taking Paragon characters can reach up to 60K up to 150K per character

Taking Call of duty black ops around 20K -30K per character full gear.

OOOOH, alright, I’m way under that! thanks boi!