What is the purpose of using a "frame delay"? e.g Delay Node with "0" second time

I’m in the middle of watching the anim pose snapshot training video on the UE4 channel.

Using a delay node with “0” seconds was used to delay for a single frame. There was no explanation as to why these single frame delays were neccessary.

I’m a decently competent BP scripter but not super advanced, Can someone explain the purpose of using the Delay nodes for a single frame please?


It is used to initialize/load some variables/objects/references that has not been initialized in this frame. Sometimes in UE4 objects need to go the 2nd or 3rd iteration to get fully loaded. Sometimes you need to get much longer delays to make sure that it is all loaded.

Thanks for replying! Could you give me an example of when is the proper time to use a frame delay?

Would this be something I should add to a load and save function for my game for example?

proper time might be when your object depends on another, and you don’t know when another object is loaded and initialized. It might be loaded and initialized after your first object. Then you need to wait for the second frame.