What is the proper workflow to create characters with clothes and import them into UE4?

Hello everyone, I need some help since I’m unable to find proper resources about how I should model a character with clothes.
As you can see from the attached image, I imported a naked character from Adobe Fuse CC in Blender, already textured and with a nice set of UVs, and after that I modeled a very simple cloth over it. Now, the main question is: how am I supposed to import it correctly in UE4? At the moment all the pieces of the mesh (body, hairs, eyes, cloth and a hat) are all separated objects, each one with UVs and textures. Now, I tried to import the character in UE4 without rigging it in order to experiment with the built-in clothing system, and I can see that it works fine for what I need. What I can’t see is how am I supposed to import my characters, or better, how to set them up in Blender. To be more precise, I have no idea if I should merge everything in a single object, rig it, animate it and import it (with different materials, so I can select the various parts in the clothing tool) or if I should just import everything as a separated objects (as skeletal meshes I suppose, but this doesn’t sound right…) and then treat clothes as clothes and the character as the character. I’ve been searching for videos and questions here on the forum but I couldn’t find an appropriate answer nor an appropriate workflow. Any help would be greatly appreciated, have a lovely day!