What is the proper workflow for deleting and moving assets?

What is the proper workflow for deleting and moving assets? I find that when i hit delete in unreal… odd things happen. Sometimes directories remain after i relaunch. The uasset files stay in windows even though hit delete in unreal.

I already screwed up my project once because i deleted an animation folder in unreal, but for some reason it ended up deleting my model that was linked to those animations … at the same time un expectedly. This model and its skelton were all in a seperate directory.

The uassets remained in windows, but i have no idea how to make them “useable” now … since unreal doesnt even detect them.

Im just beyond frustrated at this point… So I guess my main question is whats the proper workflow for A.) moving directories… and B.) deleting directories… and in that workflow i want to know how to delete the correct files in windows as well… because it seems silly that hitting the delete button in unreal keeps the files existing on your hard drive in windows… wasting all your hard drive space for files that will never be used or touched again.

Hey kurylo3d

I’m also having a hard time figuring this out. Especially b) deleting directories/assets. This seems to be stirring up all sorts of trouble.

Did you ever find a solution? If so, could you link me in the right direction?

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Pretty much if you move a directory filled with other directories like blue prints and stuff… this is what I do. First create a blank folder wit hteh same name for where you want the stuff. Then move one subdirectory. From top mode node right click and fix redirectors a couple of times… if fix redirectors keeps doing stuff then restart unreal and do fix redirectors again… If it does nothing then your good to move the next sub directory. Do this for all subdirectories … 1 at a time until they are all moved. Now everything should function correctly. Some empty folders will remain in windows that you would have to delete by hand, but most of the time they dont get picked up by unreal.

Its a pain in the butt, but it works…

If your deleting stuff… just deltee it… then at top most node do fix redirectors… now in windows some of the time this will still leave the u asset files for all those deleted files… except all the u asset files are 1kb… i just delete those by hand once im sure im not using them.

The trick is constantly and redundantly do fix redirectors on the top most folder for your content directory.