What is the "proper way" to parent a Virtual Camera to a moving object?

TL;DR: My camera is shaking when parented to a moving object.

I believe that the Virtual Camera’s movement is shaking and not the vehicle. It even happens upon removing all keyframes in-between the first and last – of both the vehicle and of the camera.

My method for doing so is as follows:

  • Create sequence of vehicle moving – lets call this Sequence Vehicle

  • Open up Sequence Vehicle. Click “Play in Editor”.

  • Move VirtualCameraPawn underneath the vehicle so its transform is parented

  • Right click on “VirtualCameraPawn” and click record. Everything is smooth during recording.

  • Play the recorded sequence – now the shaking appears

Folks have suggested to use an “Attach track”, but I am unaware how to use this during recording. I am only aware of how to use this retroactively after the recording has been made.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Bonus question: Recording an actor via the sequencer isn’t recording its child actors. Am I doing something wrong here?

Have you found a resolution to this? I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while.
So far my best result was from using a Camera Rail Rig (for path) coupled with Virtual Cam (for realistic motion), though I’m still having issues with the Take Recorder

in sequencer, if the vehicle and the camera are both tracks in it
you can add an attach track to the camera, and choose the vehicle
it will parent the camera to the vehicle’s local space

Hello mate! I’ve been dying to figure out a solution for this. Were you ever able to come up with one? After playing around with transforms in every way I could think of I still haven’t found a way to parent my camera correctly.