What is the proper way of deleting a file out of the visual studio project?

I added a new class via the wizard in the EU4 menu, and I would like to remove it from the visual studio project because I don’t need it. I see you have the option in visual studio to ‘exclude’ or ‘remove’ from project, but after looking at the documentation I see that neither of these options remove the file from the physical directory. There’s reference to a ‘delete’ option in the VS2013 documentation but I don’t see that in the UI.

What’s the best practice here? Assuming of course that there aren’t references to the class in question anywhere else in the project.

I usually delete the file directly and use UE4’s “Generate Visual Studio project files” to update the solution. Might not be the answer you are looking for, but that way I can easily make my svn understand what is happening and do not risk any old precompiled stuff interfering with new compilation.


I do the same if you delete them from Visual Studio, or don`t generate the project files again.
Then you may end up with the files re-created “re-appering”.