What is the proper way of changing first person camera height?


I’ve been trying to change the camera height in the first person template by dragging the camera (and arms) up in the FirstPersonCharachter viewport but that causes the camera to clip through walls. Increasing the capsule component shape does not actually seem to do anything either other than changing the shape in the viewport. Increasing the “Base Eye Height” does not do anything either…Is there something I’m missing here?

In your Blueprints folder you’ll find MyCharacter. Open, click on viewport tab, then the First person camera. On the right in the details pane change the Z location value!

Hi, thank you for taking the time. But this is what causes the camera clipping. By increasing the Z value/ the height my character is able to see through walls.

Also, I’m using the first person template so in my case it’s not MyCharacter but FirstPersonCharacter.

Maybe change the root node - the capsule- which is the characters collision - then you can move the camera down - of course check your wall COLlison!


Thanks for your time. I managed to fix it by completely deleting my gamemode and migrating the gamemode from the first person example. I’m not sure why that would change anything - as far as I know I had not changed anything in the gamemode - but it seems to have fixed everything. I’m now able to change the height of the camera without any clipping issues.

As an added bonus I’m not actually also able to use the “play from here” feature, which for some reason never worked for me either.

Again, thank you for your time. I have marked your post as the correct answer because I’m not sure how to simply set my post to “solved” without choosing a post.

I solved this by opening the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint. Then select CapsuleComponent. In the Details section set the property capsule half height to another value.