What is the "PHYA" plugin for audio in UE4?

can anyone tell me what is thew “PHYA” pluging for audio in UE4?

It is an implementation of a physically based audio library. http://www.tech.dmu.ac.uk/~dylan/z/phya/index.html

It was one of our programmer’s Epic Friday project one month but I’m not sure how far he got and what would be needed to get it fully working.

I really hope this gets some documentation someday. Is it even known if the currently included plugin works at all?

I am very interested in this too, could you please advice, what is the status of the plugin?

Hi Marc,

Could you please ask the coder if he can please share his Unreal project where he tried Phya? It would really help to get the general idea.

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I’m afraid it is so far away from working that I don’t really have anything to share. Maybe one day I shall get a chance to return! I think the big thing that needs to be done is move the sound generation to another thread. You might be better off grabbing the samples from the Phya web site that Marc linked to.

Thanks for the reply James,
at least now I know the status of it and that it is not just me doing something wrong :slight_smile:

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