What is the "perfect" skeletal mesh for Ragdolls and Animations


for getting a good working ragdoll effect and smooth animations, and also for physical animations :

Is it better to have a watertight character mesh ? Or is it okay when for example the head or hands are not connected to the rest of the body ?

the only thing that UE requires is that bones arent scaled at export time. which means their scale is set to 1,1,1 (100,100,100 in 3Ds Max). Otherwise Simulations will break.

ok, thanks.
tbh I completely forgot that I need to separate the mesh parts anyways since each of them wouldn’t get enough uv-space otherwise…
I use Blender. The other way would be to have multiple uv maps when working with one single mesh. But in my case that would result in 12 uv maps…For eyes, head, suit, gloves, etc…
I guess having this many uv maps it too expensive ?!