What is the pawn sensing component exactly?


I am curious as to what the pawn sensing component is.
I mean in terms of how it works.

Is it doing visibility traces by channel / objects? Overlapping?

I would suggest you watch this video, they walkthrough the pawn sensing component and other advanced AI components in UE4:

Thank! I am watch this. Hope subtitle is good…
Edit - No good to me… no subtitle at all. bah
I have same problem - don’t understand what noise emitted and sensors do.

Basically the noise sensor listens for noises. Not sounds. But noises which can be triggered from animations and blueprints etc. And pawn sensor can detect if a player is in the cone.
My concern was more regarding the inner workings of it… how it does its thing. It seems to a simple overlap… but i have no clue.

My curiosity regarding it was aimed at optimizing systems based on the pawn sensing component. For example if it was making use of line traces and it was exposed to blueprints we could use it… but its irrelevant really. What i deployed at the end of the day works. Even though i still feel there is some overhead but that’s beyond my control.