What is the new Temp folder for?


In 4.8p3 there is a new Temp folder when you create a template project:


It is on the same level as the root content folder.
What is its purpose?


This is annoying because it makes copies of everything making searching for in dropdown menues a pain in the *******

I actually like it! Keeps all my work private and if I create something new to work on it lowers the chances of me accidentally opening something and breaking / deleting something I didn’t want to in the first place. This could come in handy quite a bit. Sure the dropdown menus can be pain on the eyes but surely they can do something about that.

We already have backups and autosaves, so why do we need incremental backups as well? If you are like me you open and close stuff a lot which leads to 10 different versions to figure out which is the correct one and its not always on the top. I mean its not bad, but we never need to see them in the engine do we?

They should make it hidden or just put it in the saved folder so if something actually happen you can just go there like we always have done. It just adds more time that is unnecessary. It fills up the animation list with them…

I only dislike the fact that it cannot be hidden like the engine content and plug-in directories.

mhm that was the first thing I looked for.

I didn’t even notice it before reading this thread. So what is it ? :confused:

Copies, copies and more copies.:wink:

Seems to be linked to the /Saved folder.
It’s not supposed to be showing in the browser but as the P3 notes stated…
UE-15790 Autosaved assets appear in list

It’ll be fixed soon I’m sure

I completely disables autosave for now. I guess this will be fixed in the next preview

it’s massively irritating… I have accidentally linked things to versions in the temp folders and it took ages to figure out why changes weren’t propagating correctly.

Now I have the problem like 40 blueprints of the same name to hunt and look through to find the actual one.

I hope they fix it quickly.

Also noticed when creating new levels they go automatically into Temp and not into game content ? ? !?!?

I’ve just compiled the latest 4.8 branch and it seems to be fixed so that’s an option if you don’t mind roughing it for a few days :slight_smile:

Will cope :wink: lol thanks