What is the most stable version right now?

I’m using 4.7.6 and I think it has too many bugs, like, I can’t debug blueprint function libraries properly.

Is there a version that is the most stable one or the version 4.7.6 is the most stable?

4.8.1 is the latest stable version.

I think “stable” is debatable.

4.8.1 is the most stable version. I don’t know whether 4.4 or 4.5 might be more stable, but 4.6 and 4.7 are definitely not :slight_smile:

4.8.1 is definitely more stable than 4.7.6 and 4.8.0, however I have a serious memory leak in 4.8.1… The memory usage grows by about 1 Gigabyte per hour, so depending on how much RAM you have you have to exit and come back in. Other than that, I’ve only had it crash on 2 different occasions. 1 - When “indexing” files (4.7.6 crashed on me as well during the same task), and 2) When I tried to remove a the parent relationship from a material.

+1 for 4.8.1
This version is pretty stable :slight_smile:

4.8.1 has problems with blueprint implementable and blueprint native events (they don’t show up in existing BPs at all after being newly created), so I’m not sure I’d call it particularly stable.

I remember same problem in previous versions, I always had to relaunch editor in order to get events

edit: Rebuild project and relaunch editor

Saves are broken on mobile, making mobile development all but unusable in 4.8.1.

I really doubt that 4.8.1 is the most stable version, it’s the most recent stable version.

Wouldn’t it be a good ideia to have a very stable version? One that keep been corrected and updated without new features.

I’m think of using unreal as a corporate engine for gamefied systems but to do that I need a very very stable system which a big company can rely on.

That’s what the stable branches are supposed to be. There are also preview builds that are less stable if you want to adopt features earlier.

I’ve found I have to duplicate the BP; recompiling doesn’t seem to work.

This thread is a good example about stability

How can I present to a company a solution using unreal if the combobox doesn’t work well?

In the post he says “There is no current time frame for the implementation of this solution. However, there are improvements to UMG that are being implemented in 4.8. I hope that this information helps.”

The thing is that I don’t want the improvement, just the correction, improvement means they are going to change the code, reorganize it, improve it or something like that, which will cause other bugs, will need retesting and other corrections.

I think unreal versions should be changed to something like Debian release is.

That answerhub thread is six months old.

And yet, version 4.7.6 never saw that correction.

I don’t know if version 4.8.1 have that correction or not, but the point is: there is no real stable version because things get corrected in the newer versions, but, because its the newer version, it has new features, which break things that were working fine, it’s a cycle.

I might be wrong about the development process because I’m new here and I don’t quite understand how the major and minor releases process works, I’m just worried that I need to stick with one version (4.7 for example) and never see a needed correction for a problem.