What is the "most optimized way" to work on a low tier small game?

As a side project, I am making a small game with very low tier 3D graphics. Nothing crazy you know, keeping it optimized and all that. But my laptop is in a freaking jack hammer mode anyway, the RTX 2070 being full on, I can fry egs on the thing, and battery last for like 30 minutes.
You know, I was very into the cool graphics few years back, but that doesn’t make a game, so I switched to very low end graphics so I can work on the road, in bed, on sofa, in cafe, but whatever I do, the project still feels like I am processing hubble’s space data, boiling hot block of PCB components on my lap, while a 30 polygon character runs around 2D plane.
It’s my dream now, to have unreal in some kind of “low mode”, where I can just develop the gameplay. Have it running on some laptop that lasts on battery, you know, relax a bit? Is that possible? Cause I ain’t switching engines

You’re mostly already doing it. Low poly meshes, turning the engine scalability down and changing the lighting mode to unlit are going to be your most effective options for “low mode.” Although I gotta say I am also using an RTX 2070 and I don’t have any heating issues yet. How long have you had it? Solely out of curiosity :blush:

It’s an Asus M15, pretty good laptop, good cooling and everything (though really bad usability, don’t like it, has Asus for most of my life but this thing…)
It’s almost as if the laptop tried to go completely to the max, for example I just need 60 FPS, but maybe it’s ramming itself to 400 FPS and just works 100% all the time? Like I donno, it’s strange.

That does sound weird. My MSI completely drops operating speed when it’s not plugged in. Maybe it’s something like that? Also consider an external fan, most of them work like actual magic

I fiddled with intel graphics settings a bit, set the panel to be on 60hz instead of 240hz, and in nvidia preffered GPU - set that baby to intergrated, it seems a little better now actually. Still not what I imagined, but a bit better. Gonna try to limit unreals fps and all that too.

Like I don’t need all that performance you know. Wish I could just completely turn off the dedicated GPU, limit the CPU to like 30%, and see what would happen then :smiley:

Hmm is that actually possible through some software? Gonna check. Dont think the turning off part, but maybe the CPU, I could limit that somehow.