What is the Megascans DpR Texture Map

I have used the native UE5 Megascans Bridge plugin today and found the static mesh I imported did not have any master material assigned - no biggy just find the correct one and assign it (must be a EA issue).
Now the odd thing is there is a packed texutre that has the format T___4K_DpR . I am guessing in this format the Bluechannel is going to be rougness but what are the red and green channels AND, what mater material am I supposed to use from the UE5 plugin that accepts this texture as no master was assigned to the instance at import.


As a guess I would say D for Displacement, p for Specular?, and R for Roughness as you mentioned.
Those are pretty common mappings, hopefully that helps!


Red = Displacement (Dp)
Green = Roughness (R)

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