What is the maximum resolution for .png android splash screen


I’d like to know what is the highest resolution of the .png file that is supported for Android devices? So far I’ve successfully tested 1280 x 720, anything above that won’t work on many different devices. Is there any particular setting that needs to be changed on the .png file, that would make it possible to go beyond that HD resolution.

Since there are many android devices nowadays that have full HD resolution and beyond and using a 1280 x 720 resolution just looks very blurry and low quality.
I think this should be fixed.

I can do 1080x2220 which is a lot sharper than 720x1280. Sorry for the reverse dimensions, I work in landscape on my current project.
Once in a while I will get a tiny flicker on the splash, one in 20 loads on an s8.
1440x2960 just crashes horribly.