What is the maximum ping you should work with?

For a multiplayer game, at what ping you stop testing your game’s functionality

Depends on how you plan to handle servers. If you’re going to work with GSP’s or RSP’s I’d say 120ms. Otherwise if you go with Cloud Servers (AWS, Google, IBM) I’d recommend 250ms.

With traditional GSP/RSP you can typically get a server up in every major city world wide. Cloud Servers are for the most part regional. They only have a few locations per region. For example AWS NA Region: Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, California. All 3 providers for the most part utilize the same locations per region with a few splinter localities.

End of day you want to try and provide a server solution that keeps the majority under 100ms…closer to 40ms. All it takes is a handful of over 100ms to start slowing down the server.

AWS: Global Infrastructure Network
Azure: Global Network – Backbone Networking Infrastructure | Microsoft Azure
IBM/Softlayer Tech: IBM Cloud Global Data Centers | IBM Cloud
Softlayer Ping Utility:

Traditional GSP’s/RSP’s… bare metal

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