What is the license for Engine-UI-Screenshots

Hi there,
currently, I am writing a script for my (for profit) University. I’d like to use a screenshot, where the Unreal Engine Editors’ UI is visible in the screenshot. Can I use the shots without permission, or do I need a written permission from your side?
Thanks in advance!

I think you need to ask here:

If it’s only a screenshot of the UI then I don’t think you need any permission, But ask there.

Hey @jamirokwai, welcome to the forum!
I believe it would most likely be the same as the Engine’s license, and since you are using it for learning purposes and most likely not collecting royalties from it, from my understanding of the standard license it should be alright. Since it’s technically the same code, I couldn’t personally see an issue with it. Here’s the license if you need to skim it: EULA - Unreal Engine
I hope this helps!