What is the intended workflow for updating and re-exporting a datasmith file?

Right now I have a Revit model in 3ds Max thats something like 4000 unique objects. As I’m working, I might get 4-5 new updates to this model. I reload it in Max, re-export to a Datasmith file, and then “Reload” it in UE4. I’m not editing anything, just receiving new data and re-exporting it.

The issue is, now my Datasmith Assets folder and my UE4 content folder have 20,000+ UASSET files or UDSMESH files each. It seems like the import and export process are just adding more and more files each time I do it rather than replacing whats there. I need some way to automatically clean these up, or delete unused assets. Because it takes SO long to delete 4000 objects from a UE4 project, I don’t want to have to be doing this manually.

Can someone give a step by step for how you re-export/re-import without building up all these junk files?

HI there ,

I suggest you take a look at :

You should be able to get all the information needed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s good to keep reading these every once in a while and this did answer my questions.

It would be nice if there was a way to purge unused assets from the content browser. At some point I might have a thousands assets from old imports in there that aren’t used in the project at all anymore.

Yes purging unused assets is becoming more needed. Thanks for taking the time to contribute here,