What is the impact on gpu, cpu, ram, etc. of using multiple level sequences and metahumans?


I checked out the docs on sequencer workflows and the non-linear workflow suits my needs.

For this it suggests creating a separate level sequence for each scene. Is there a limit to how many level sequences you can have and is there an effect on performance/gpu if you have 50 level sequences sitting in a folder, even if only one is open at a time?

Similar question with metahumans. So I have two metahuman characters in a level sequence and they are spawnable with that little lightning symbol next to them. If I have say five different level sequences each representing a scene, and each level sequence needs two metahumans, that would be 10 metahumans in total across all level sequences. Is there a performance cost with that if only one level sequence (with two metahumans) is open at a time?


last time I’ve checked those metahumans are like 2Gb of data or even more. loading and unloading multiple of them may take time on normal hardware.


So, I have two metahumans in a metahuman folder imported from Bridge. So that might be about 4gb. But I guess my question is if I have 5 level sequences and make those 2 x 2gb metahumans spawnable in each of the 5 levels - does that mean I will have 5 levels x (2 x 2gb metahumans) = 20 gb in total? I also wouldn’t mind knowing if making the metahumans spawnable is the right way to go. Thx