What is the easiest way to load the level which player is in?

Hi. I’m making a level based game but im stuck at how should i get the level player was in before exiting the game. I got a main menu which has a “Play” button but i dont know how to make that button load the level player was in before exiting the game.

The easiest way would be that you save the name/number of the level the player was last in.
On opening the game load the savegame and display a button with continue or so on it.
Based on the variable name or number the specific level should be started.

i tried but i got confused. can someone explain me how to do that ?

create a savegame blueprint (there is a savegame blueprint type) open it and create a new variable either string (for name) or integer (for number) type.

Logic: (inside your Player Controller for example)
check image, make sure you give the slot a name and execute this logic on start up / begin play

Saving a Variable to a slot

sorry i didnt understand, should i use the first image on my play button ? i’m still confused. i got an actor bp in end of each level which ends the level and creates a widget to move on next level. should i use that actor for saving game to slot ?

You need to set up first a save game Blueprint with the variable you want to save.
Inside your Player Controller for example use the first image logic on begin play. To load/create the savegame.

The second image is how you store/save variables

(there are a lot of good Tutorials out there for Savegames like this: Video)

i was finally able to do it. thanks.