What is the easiest way to create mobile online multiplayer?

Hi guys !

I need help with my game,I have been created a mobile multiplayer game using blueprints such like this:

every thing work perfectly on mobile devices when you don’t check “Enable google play support” (I try on Android) and perfectly on PC and work between mobile device and PC also in “DefaultEngine” file I put:



Every thing like supposed to be… I thought if this functions in online section and work locally the game need to work online with other networks (not the same WI-FI connections) I was wrong…and now the game almost done and have local multiplayer but not online multiplayer.

So my question is if I also have created big game that work perfect locally but not online what I suppose to do (the game almost done I don’t want to start from the beginning/recreate my game)? its mean that now I need to start from the beginning/recreate my game or maybe I have not so radical way ?

By the way I understand that need to be server that communicate with 2 devices in my case I have 1 VS 1 card game, I try some ways like:

1)GameSparks in this option I don’t Have tutorials or documentation about how to join session or find sessions and etc… I download their “Tetris” game but its don’t enough explain what I need to change.

2)Photon its C++ scripting and my game used 100% blueprints so the integration of their code can’t help me (only if its possible use some blueprint stuff and then connect it with C++ code).

3)VaRest I think its the best way to create online game with server by using JSON but the problem is that I don’t know how to use it with sessions and another time there are not so many documentation about it.

4)Dedicated server I think it’s option for PC(I try it with the source from Github) but don’t know if it’s supported for mobile platforms even if yes please tell me how to activate it automatically in the opening of the app.

If someone have another way or easier way to create not only local game that mean create online game please help me and if someone know how can I minimize the recreation of my game (don’t delete session blocks/blueprints like in the picture) it’s will be very helpful !

Many thanks for all who help !!!

(I ask the same on UE4 AnswerHub but nobody give me answer :frowning: )

Unreal network is cross platform, you can connect a mobile device to a PC dedicated server with no issue, that’s what my actual project does.
You can even connect to a game hosted by a mobile device with a PC.

“if yes please tell me how to activate it automatically in the opening of the app.”
I don’t understand what you mean by “activate”. You mean automatically join a server IP without using an UMG menu?

Hi ,

If you intend to use Unreal Sessions, GameSparks can help but you’ll need to host your servers somewhere.
GameSparks can help you with matching up players and forwarding useful information like IP address to connect to.

If you don’t intend to use Unreal Sessions, then GameSparks Real-Time is an option, but you’ll need to do a bit of work from scratch to get it going.

Either way, whatever route you plan to take, I recommend you get in touch with our support team if you have any questions. We’re planning an update for our Unreal docs to flesh them out a bit more, but until then you can get in touch via - Support : GameSparks We’d be happy to help in whatever way we can!

is there a tutorial pointing out how to utize unreal session using gamespark ?

Hi Muzaheed,

At present there is not. However if you contact the support team through the link https://support.gamesparks.net/support/home and elaborate on what you wish to use it for, our team will be able to help you get sorted. I’ll also put in a suggestion that this be added to our tutorials list.

We are currently developing plugin for mobile multiplayer in UE4 :slight_smile:

Hi Haoris. Could you maybe elaborate or point us to tutorial/ doc for this specifically? I am running a compiled multiplayer game from Pc to PC, and it works fine. The same game compiled for Android fails to connect completely. I have the simplest of setup, local server and try to connect from my tablet via four finger tap and the command “open 192.xxx.x…xx.” (my server’s IPV4).

Maybe it’s not the right way to do it? Maybe the server has to be configured beforehand to “see” my android device in the first place? At the moment, any advice would be welcome.

The easiest way to create android multiplayer by ue4 is to msg me on telegram @AniketG7 :joy::joy: Actually I have created the android multiplayer system by ue4 if you want project file msg me on telegram @AniketG7

Don’t need any plugin for android multiplayer i have already created a Android multiplayer with ue4 if you want project file msg me on telegram @AniketG7