What is the easiest way to create mobile online multiplayer?

Hi guys !

I need help with my game,I have been created a mobile multiplayer game using blueprints such like this:

every thing work perfectly on mobile devices when you don’t check “Enable google play support” (I try on Android) and perfectly on PC and work between mobile device and PC also in “DefaultEngine” file I put:



Every thing like supposed to be… I thought if this functions in online section and work locally the game need to work online with other networks (not the same WI-FI connections) I was wrong…and now the game almost done and have local multiplayer but not online multiplayer.

So my question is if I also have created big game that work perfect locally but not online what I suppose to do (the game almost done I don’t want to start from the beginning/recreate my game)?
its mean that now I need to start from the beginning/recreate my game or maybe I have not so radical way ?

By the way I understand that need to be server that communicate with 2 devices in my case I have 1 VS 1 card game, I try some ways like:

1)GameSparks in this option I don’t Have tutorials or documentation about how to join session or find sessions and etc… I download their “Tetris” game but its don’t enough explain what I need to change.

2)Photon its C++ scripting and my game used 100% blueprints so the integration of their code can’t help me (only if its possible use some blueprint stuff and then connect it with C++ code).

3)VaRest I think its the best way to create online game with server by using JSON but the problem is that I don’t know how to use it with sessions and another time there are not so many documentation about it.

4)Dedicated server I think it’s option for PC(I try it with the source from Github) but don’t know if it’s supported for mobile platforms even if yes please tell me how to activate it automatically in the opening of the app.

If someone have another way or easier way to create not only local game that mean create online game please help me and if someone know how can I minimize the recreation of my game (don’t delete session blocks/blueprints like in the picture) it’s will be very helpful !

Many thanks for all who help !!!

ya. that is what i did for google cloud . same steps as AWS. but i did not follow any doc. thats why i was wondering what could have been in the doc. there are some additional steps needed also . same as AWS version of cloud.

about gamesaprk:
i most probably will release the project as a hybrid frameowork for MMO at the marketplace. Until then i cannot share anything without my partner’s permission. but u can follow this thread:

although he is using a limited featured complex path. but enough to start with

Hey…facing the same problem, u got any idea for this.

I found 3 solutions that might work I don’t check them but I will.
1)You can try use for not complex games GameSparks but you don’t have any really good documentation for it and GameSparks sample its low of data.
2)You can create with source version of Unreal an dedicated server and use platforms as Google Cloud Server etc for creating server very easy way and a lot of documentation about how to do it only two problem… first if you want to create MMO for mobile it’s super easy because you use only one dedicated server that contain all your players but if you want to create rooms like in “CS GO”,“Clash Royale” and I heard the same about “Gears of War” you will need to open many dedicated servers and create code (in Blueprints new engine versions recommended) that drop for example every 2 players in a specific room or in another words room equal to port lats say in port 7777 you have 2 players in port 7778 you have 4 players and etc that’s brings us to the second problem the payment for the platform you will use because for every new port you need to open new dedicated server that use the machine memory and the machine memory is physical and in one day it will be few and you will need to pay extra money to increase physical abilities of your machine (for Google Cloud Server it’s mean to pay more to get more powerful machine).
3)Same as 2 but the only thing that change is to create your own server (machine) it can be your old computer for start but it’s more complicated because you need to do port forwarding,static IP,Linux server/Windows server and more head breaking things.

So you can create multiplayer for mobile with Blueprints and I think you have more options that I don’t mentioned for start try what I wrote.

i am using gamesaprk to do all 3 methods(mmo, room based player, and on my own pc as a dedicated server although i had to open my port) as u described here. and it seems working fine to connect vr players and pc players also.
should be working also with mobile too. although mobile is not my target.

but i am interested in this part of your line :

" Google Cloud Server etc for creating server very easy way and a lot of documentation about how to do it"

can u plz point me to some of those docs?


I sew that GameSparks can’t be used in complicated games with many data but if you can tell me how to use GameSparks it’s will help me a lot !
They are work for PC and Mobile in the same way this is good platform but not so documented.

About Google Cloud Server you can find info in this site:

and best documentation you can find in Youtube as well the best way to understand something it’s to see it so try combinations like:“Google Cloud Server”,“Google Cloud VM”,“how to create google cloud server” and etc.
You just need google account you will get in the first time I think 300$ free for testing or something like that and you will need to create there VM (Virtual Machine) that will run your dedicated server if I don’t say things wrong this is the page in Google Cloud Platform:

And here is the main page of the platform:

You will need to use transfer program that get your dedicated server from your PC and put in Google VM than you just need to open from the VM the dedicated server and that’s all !
But in fact I don’t check it just theoretically I know that it’s need to work you can get there trial and try your self to be sure maybe there are more things that you need to configure but it still need to work perfectly on Mobile and PC devices I will be glad to hear from you if you get results

I don’t know the easiest way but I know that many online games are build from Unreal engine like free fire, and rules of survival. I am beginner at this and till now I built 2d games, as per my knowledge I think you should be good at python, and java script. And else you need is good command on unreal engine.

Trusted by thousands of game developers across the world and covering all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Unity and Cocos2dx, AppWarp is the most reliable source when it comes to developing real-time multiplayer games like Garena Free Fire and PUBG without dwelling into server side coding. Some of its features are:

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  2. With room/lobby logic, allow players to choose rooms of their choice based on various parameters.
  3. Quick recovery of last interrupted session
  4. Reduced latency with auto connection to the nearest geo location
  5. Enable quick play mode with match making
  6. Ability to host your own customized game server to build your custom logic for PvPs, casino style card games and many other games

Im using https://heroiclabs.com/ nakama along dedicated servers .its free

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Multiple player games require a full dedicated team and they must be knowing what they are doing. You have done a great job by creating a multiple player game for phones. For now, just don’t enable “support google play”. Work on improving your game, it can be published using multiple ways so don’t worry about that. I’m happy to see you are creating a multiple game like PUBG Mobile. Good luck!

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