What is the difference between source control providers

I am trying to set up Source Control for a project with some friends. The setup dialog asks what source control provider I want to use. What is the difference between them? (Subversion, Perforce, Git)

I can’t seem to find anywhere online that explains the differences. Just a few tutorial on a particular provider.

What is the difference between the 3 source control providers Unreal Engine supports; Subversion, Perforce, and Git?

Subversion is the oldest but it considered hard to do marges in it also it is very cetralized , Git is a lot better with merging and brunching and it’s decentralized as anyone has fully functional copy of repository, but it is considered that is not good with bineries as subversion is, i don’t know much of perforence i heard it better with bineries and it’s compatible with git, also it is commertial version control which you need to pay for.

  • with git that there a lot more sites that can easily host it for free, most notably GitHub or BitBucket