What is the difference between "Set text" and "Set Tool Tip text"

When it used inside a widget and you want to insert a text, what’s the difference between the two?

context: I try to script a detailed widget to describe the item, for now, it will only show the item name, an icon, and a basic description.

Set Text does what it says on the tin, it will assign text value to a TextBlock for example.
Tooltips are UMG’s automated widgets that pop up when you hover over a widget element.


  • it can be plain text when you fill the *Tool Tip Text *field or call *Set Tool Tip Text - *the tooltip will look very similar to the one you see when hovering over the editor’s own interface elements
  • you can Bind Tool Tip Text, this will be called every frame but allows you to format the text inside that function, pull multiple variables and so on - again, this is for text only
  • and finally, at the bottom you can *Bind Tool Tip Widget - *instead of a plain frame with text, you can create a custom user widget

Go for the last option here; create a new widget that will serve as a tooltip, expose variables in order to feed it data and return it as a value inside the Tool Tip Widget Bind:

It’s a good idea to make the entire custom tooltip widget Not Hit Testable - otherwise its appearance can cause unpredictable behaviour as it may try to steal focus from what is currently being hovered.