What is the difference between relative and world (absolute) location?

What is the difference between relative and world location, rotation, scale? I can’t find any explanation in the documentation. Could someone explain the difference to me? Thank you.

Relative is relative to parent component. World location is relative to world origin. Note that if the component doesn’t have a parent, then the relative location is the same as world location.

if you move object to absolute location 0,0,0 it would move to absolute center of your level. if you move it in relative location it wouldn’t move at all because 0mm from its own location is the same location. absolute means in relation to space the object is in, relative is in relation to the object itself. hope it makes more sense than confusion :slight_smile:

Thank you both of you guys, now I understood the difference. I’d like to know how to convert the world location to relative location, I’m trying to spawn an actor at the mouse position, and a user told me that I should do this conversion, but I don’t know how, here is my topic: Spawning actor on mouse position - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums