What is the difference between multi line and single line trace?

Where is the difference? If i test them both just send out a single trace. How do i send out more tracers in one direction but the trace wandering on start axis?


The major difference is that a Single with only return the first object hit as the Hit Result, while the Multi will return an array of all of the objects it hit.

It would be like the difference between shooting a wall and shooting through a wall.

How do i send out more tracers in one
direction but the trace wandering on
start axis?

Can you explain this a little differently? I am not sure I understand.


Can I get some clarification:
According to the comments above RaycastMulti() ( called by LineTraceMulti() ) it can’t trace through walls.

Trace a ray against the world and return touching hits and then first blocking hit
Results are sorted, so a blocking hit (if found) will be the last element of the array
Only the single closest blocking result will be generated, no tests will be done after that

Was this changed since you posted, or am I missing something/ using it wrong?
If LineTraceMulti() can be used to shoot a trace through a wall how do I do so?
(all my attempts end with the first blocking hit as described in the functions comments)



These are what we are talking about here, the Blueprint node’s functionality. The function you are talking about is this one:


So they’re two different things. I hope that helps to clarify!