What is the difference between clearing and invalidating a timer?

You can clear and invalidate a timer by its handle but can only clear a timer by a function name.

And what if I have two different timers for a function? Do both get cleared if I use a “Clear Timer By Function Name” node?

I have a timer I want to add time to and it seems there’s no straightforward way to do that. How should I go about it? Clearing? Or Invalidating? and then setting up another timer or retriggering it with a new time?

To avoid dealing with this ambiguity I’m forced to manually subtract 0.05 from a float variable every 0.05 seconds so I can use the float as a makeshift time value that I can add to and trigger events with instead of the timer itself.

Some clear way to add time to timers would be kinda helpful. Or even a clear way to “clear” them.