What is the difference between a character blueprint and a player controller blueprint

I am an animator who is studying blueprint while watching the tutorial of YouTube.

I have a tutorial on building a movement system that uses a character blueprint and uses a player controller blueprint.
In the tutorial, I do not know the special difference in using character blueprints and player controller blueprints.

If you know what the difference is, let me know. In what situations should I use character blueprints and in which cases should I use the player controller blueprints?

I would very much appreciate your help.

The biggest difference is that you can have 1 controller but many characters. Think about implications here.

If you have a tank, a plane, and a footsoldier in a game, they will all move differently. All controlled by the same controller that just ask them to Move Forward but the actual movement code is in the Pawn. The tank threads churn dirt, the wings go swoosh, and the soldier’s gear rattles. These should not be in the controller.

Docs for the Pawn (there’s a subsection for Character there, too):

And the controller:

a controller as one might expect from the name is what controls the possessed character. a good comparison would be that the controller is like the mind and the character like the body. a character without a controller is like a body with no mind, it can do simple things but it cant complete complex tasks or receive player input.

as for the situation when to use them or what to put in them. well you will need a player controller anytime you want a player to be able to do something (at least from my experience), so you will always need at least one in general. as for what to put in them well that depends on your game and how you choose to set things up. you could for example put the movement controls for the character in the controller if you wished or you could have it in the character. most things that you can do in the controller can also be done by referencing the controller from another bp.

theres a bunch more to it but thats the basics that i can think of off the top of my head atm.