What is the .data mime-type

Just getting started with Unreal and trying to package the First Person template for html5. It isn’t working on my IIs 7 server. In my browser I get a message that “” is not found, but it is on the server.

I assume I need to add that mimetype to the server (and do know how to do that), but I’m not sure what the value for the .data extension should be.

After that I also assume I might need to add them also for .jsgz, .datagz, .mem, .memgz, .symbols, and .symbolsgz.

*gz files are actually gzipped version of the original files. try application/x-gzip

for .symbol and .data and .mem, these are binary memory files, you can use application/octet-stream (this is default in iis if no mime is defined).

if you are using *gz files, you will not need the original ones and vice versa.

your error is file/folder is not found. in most cases that happens because of a permission error. be sure that the folder and files in it have correct permissions.

I had figured that a couple of hours after I posted the question. I came in here and posted my answer, but it hasn’t shown up yet. Are newbies on some kind of “moderated probation”?

emrahgunduz – Thanks for confirming that what I figured out should actually work and not that I just got lucky!