What is the current status of Linux support?


Before i subscribe i would like to have more infos about the status of Linux support.

To be more specific, i would love to know:

  1. Is Linux planned to be supported only as a target or also as a programming environment? If not, how feasible would it be for a single dev to port it? (In this case for supported i mean that works, i don’t expect official support)

  2. What’s the timeline on Linux support (specifically SteamOS) as a target?

Thank you.

There are plans, but it is not priority and there is nothing specific.

Since there is code available, and everyone can contribute. My bet is that community can create patches for Linux support, and if they are high quality enough they will be accepted.

We currently support cross-compiling for Linux, so you can already target it as a server platform. We are currently working on SteamOS support, so hopefully you will be able to cross-compile Linux client too pretty soon.

Supporting Linux as a programming/development environment is also in our plans, but the road to that is significantly longer.

I am starting to port the programming environment to Linux. Currently at the point to evaluate whether to really bite the Mono bullet or just convert to Python (which would be far more portable).

I’m told Steam OS support is on github currently, but not in the download as it’s not super easy to use.