What is the correct file format for props if I want to sell things on the Epic Marketplace?

I’ve been wanting to sell props in the unreal marketplace however, I can’t find any information on how to properly prepare the files.

I know you have to register as a seller (which I have done) and I have taken a look at the Epic Marketplace guidelines however there is no mention of what is the correct file format to provide the asset/mesh as?

I want to prepare a props package. Do I just provide an fbx of the low poly models with the texture files (targa?) and then zip it up? Or do I just compile all the props into one project in unreal, save that out then zip that project folder up? Is there a specific folder structure I have to follow? What are the ‘Universal Rules’ for file formats/exporting props to sell?

Sorry! Still learning here.



This page has everything you need:

You need to create an empty Unreal Engine Project with all your assets imported and organized as in guidelines. Then you will need to zip it and place some accessible web space to create a link for download.

Awesome thanks! Would I have to export it using the file> package project option?

No you just submit the project with assets in it following the marketplace guidelines.