What is the computer requirements?

I am interested how to make the rendering process faster.

I am going to buy a computer now, so what do you recommend. I do have a budget for it. So, I wonder if more processor power, or RAM or what should I pay attention in configuring one? How important is graphics card for this process?

What hardware you need largely depends on the type of projects you are planning to do.

RC makes extensive use of both, CPU and GPU.

For turntable photogrammetry a normal gaming rig is more than adequate.

  • decent i7/i9 CPU, Geforce GTX 1060, 70 or 80, 16-32GB RAM.
  • good for up to around 500ish 12MP+ photos if you value fast processing times. probably more :slight_smile:

For large scale environment scans you may need something with more oomph if you want to keep processing times somewhat short.

  • server CPU, one or more GPUs, 64-128GB RAM or more.
  • keep an eye on your license and how many cpu cores and GPUs it supports.

In either case you need to keep in mind that the GPU must support CUDA, so AMD/ATI is a no-go.

In any case I believe this question is also answered in the Q&A section of the forum.

Hi archil

Take a look here regarding HW OS and hardware requirements