What is the best workflow for blender animation for Unreal?

Hello everyone,
We are migrating a project from Unity to Unreal and we are facing some strange problems, probably due to not knowing the best workflow. Our characters are non-humanoid.

Initially, we had a problem with metarig and rootmotion where, when importing a model, a bone called metarig was created canceling the root movement. This was resolved by renaming the metarig to “Armature”.

However, we still have a scale problem. When we turn on rootmotion, the scale of our characters decreases about 10x the size and we have to increase their scale in the scene.

So I would like to know from someone who has experience in the animation workflow from blender to unreal what is the correct way to create characters and animations at the correct scale. Is there a place to look for information about this workflow?
I feel like I’m missing something.


Any suggestions? I’m still lost with this.

Unfortunately if your animation have incorrect scale you can’t do much. You need to change the scale in blender and then adjust all the animations.

To export to unreal without issues you have to set the scale to metric .01

You can find loads of posts on how and why.

Thanks for the answer.
In fact, we managed to solve the problem.
First we imported the mesh into Unreal (without the animations and without modifying the scale), then we imported the animations with the previously imported rig as a target, changing its scale factor to 100. It worked perfectly.

So long as you don’t deal with retargeting and the skeleton has re-target options set to animation, yes, it should work perfeclty.

The moment you have to adjust or retarget, things may go nuts. In that case it would probably be best to export the animation and adjust the export over using the original with incorrect scaling.