What is the best way to work as a team on a UE4 Project?

I’m just wondering how working on a single project with a team is done within UE4.

I used Hero Engine in the past and it is amazing to work with as a team. One person can be adding assets, one changing code and one changing the terrain all at the same time. Its almost like an MMO of building a game. As a team spread out over the world it was great to log in and see people still working and finishing off their bit. Obviously it was based on servers not like UE4.

So how do you work within UE4 as a team?

Surely its not a matter of 20 programmers building the code, 10 sounds guys and 40 modellers building everything then giving to one guy/girl to put it all together.

Its just me at the moment, but as things grow would my current way of working have to be changed so much it would be easier to start again. If so I would rather have things in place now.

Thanks for any good input on this.

My team uses a combination between gdrive, trello and perforce.

gdrive → there we upload documents like the plan for the combat system, GDD, screenshots,…
trello → there we organise your tasks
perforce → there you can find our UE4 project files. (source control: :slight_smile:

I use Perforce for asset updates at the moment so that should be good. Also Trello is in use for me to keep track of things I come up with. So That’s good so far.

I’ll read that link now, but if I check out and create a new BP for a door and add it to the current level will this merge into the level if another 5 or 6 people are working ion the same level?

Just one can work on the same level, because you will always have to upload your progress -> the other guys will have to download it <----- :slight_smile:

Google drive is perfect for documents.
Trello for project organization and tracking. It’s good to see what everyone is doing.

Dropbox is an alternative for Perforce. You can organize your project into folders (e.g. Concepts, music, 3D). And everyone has quick access to it.

TortoiseSVN or Git are good for source control :slight_smile:

Ok thanks people. Good to know I wasn’t a mile off been correctly set up. Thanks for the links I will see if I can get perforce running in UE4.

It would be awesome if Unreal added that functionality. Before I had heard of the pending release of ue4 I actually was really considering the hero engine as they had 100$ deal. As this even allows say two designers to modify the same level and see each others work live. I feel like this is a great way to improve UE4.

just a note, I am not talking about the live patching that hero engine also does. I really don’t think that is particularly necessary, and I know many studios avoid using it to avoid problems caused by it.

on another note, this would allow the potential for sort of “in engine” live tutorials. where instructors could not only show within the engine how to do some things, but also allow them to let students try it and have the instructor able to see it.

Hero engine is very good for working as a team. My only issue was programming. Blueprints are a gift from the gods.

they are, they allow you to use a lot of the logic of programming without having to know the syntax. plus its in an easy to follow flow chart/guide.

Hey, I am developing a plugin called “MultiEdit” you can find more info here. I want to achieve real-time collaborative development in unreal engine. No plans for programming yet, I think source control does that really well. But I would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to have in such a plugin, since you already have experience with the hero engine.

We are working with:

SVN - to sync our content.
Unfuddle - to manage all the tasks and milestones.
Onedrive - for all the documents, pictures and so on.

currently we dont need to work on the same level, because there are enough “focus-groups” like Programming, UI-Design and Level-Design.

We use:

SVN for obvious reasons
Trello, mostly for keeping track of ideas and art since we moved programming over to producteev
Producteev for keeping track of programming together with Github

Oke good to know!

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We are using these softwares when working on our project StoneRage.
Confluence Wiki** -> All GameDesign documents are being stored in there, and all the guidelines as well.
Jira / Trello -> Task Management tool at it’s best. We mainly use Trello for task management.
Skype / Email -> Communication with several Chatrooms
TortoiseSVN -> File Sharing software where we upload our works

Do you sync the Trello cards with perforce? (so they become “jobs”)?