What is the best way to transfer variants from one level to another

I have set up variants to change the materials of a wall object via a UMG interface on one Level (A). This works fine. However when I Open a New level (B) - which is a duplicate of A except it’s a night scene - each actor has a “binding cannot be resolved message” in the variant manager.

If I do fix the binding of the actor/object in the variant manager in Level B - then that same actor/object then loses its binding when I return to the variant manager in level A…

What is the best way to ensure that I can still use the same variant options in different levels?. Thanks

well has you change level, your references are corrupted (the ref in your widget point to your day level i think)
the easiest way in your case is to use lightning scenarios (check the help it s pretty easy tu use )
that means you will have your permanent level with your geoms, and 2 sub levels as lighting scenarios (1 day, 1 night)
so whenever you change light , you re still in the same permanent level and your references will still be good !