What is the best way to spawn actor on board?

Hi, I’m making a kind of chess game, and I want to ask what is the best way to spawn pawns on board.

Ths is now situation. Pawns(white cubes) Float on board.

I spawn board first. then spawn pawns with matching coordinate.

Only not match z value. it has a little gap.

And i have another problems. I spawn 46 pawns, but it spawned just 16 pawns because of collision.

Each boards and pawn’s size is 100 * 100, and distance with the nearest pawn is also exactly 100.

Now i have two ways to solve this problem.

One is match z value exactly.

The other is Spawn pawns as a child actor of board and attach them.

What is the better one? or can you explain me much better one?

When you spawn actors you get to decide where they spawn, and whether to take collision into account, with a bit of math, you should be able to perfectly align Z axis:


For something like this, I would keep the board fields as separate actors - it will make it easier to navigate the board later on. And every figure should be a separate actor, too.

What you should aim at doing is to create a base actor and then create child blueprints for every figure. This way you can easily add both common and unique functionality to every piece.

Also, have a look at this thread, there is a method describing how to quickly spawn a board like this. You can, of course, do it manually: