What is the best way to remove .uasset from project?


when you remove asset from content there some issues:

  1. removed folders still existen after remove even when you reopen the project
  2. the removed asset still exists but just 1 or 2 KB
    3 when you package the project it´s try to find this removed and not used asset. See the image from outlog.

So, I understand that the redirectory system that ue4 use it´s necesary in order to not lose what you have done in the proyect and this trash that creates is a less problem that losing what you have done in the project,
but there is a way to remove redirectory information without losing your work?or at least when packaging?

I know that you can remove manually the files from the project folder but usually creates problems. In fact, i really want to know how erase “can´t find file” or that somebody confirm me this is just harmless trash.


You need to “fix up” the redirectors from within the editor.

This will only remove redirectors that don’t get referenced anymore. If you are prompted to “force delete” anything, it’s safer not to delete these particular assets. (Or if you do, create a copy/backup of your project first, so you don’t lose anything important.)

Well,it`s partially resolves the problem, but old folder still existing in the project. Thanks, I forget it