What is the best way to moving objects and fade objects while rendering matinee video?

Hi guys! I want to know what is the best way to move objects and fade objects while rendering matinee video, because i need open a building’s garage door and fade some structural columns when the matinee camera walk along the trajectory inside the building using blueprints.

At first I was thinking of using the matinee camera as an actor to collide with a trigger that activates these animations, but I can not. Like the UE4Arch videos. without direct player interaction, just movie.

And taking advantage of the topic i wonder if this affects the light in render.

Maybe post about this in the animation section. I’m sure the clever folks over there have a solution for this :slight_smile:

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Can’t you drive the opacity of the material via matinee?

I dont know, can i?

Have you checked the content examples?, I will have a look at them later and see what they do.

You can look around the Wiki/Doc to see about calling events/functions inside matinee(Something should be possible as the content examples have actors that move around in the sequence).

Thank you, Ryan! =]

Thanks, I take it you got it to work?
Sorry about getting checking out the Content Examples matinee setups (I got busy with my own project)