What is the best way to make multiple similar AI's?

I’m trying to make AI bots for moba game. Is it better to make logic for all types (carry, offlane, support etc.) of character inside of one blueprint and BehaviorTree, or to make five instances of character and BT? And if I should use the second option, what is the best way to make BT’s to avoid repetitiveness?

The best way, in my opinion, is to make a master class, and then have some sub-master classes below that. For example, if you were making shapes, you could have a master Box class, then you could make a child of that Box class called Metallic Box class, then you could another child of that Metallic Box class called Red Metallic Box. You can apply the same logic to a MOBA game. I.E., make a master class for units…and include variables such as heatlh, skeletal mesh, etc. Then, you can right click that class and make a child class, maybe make two different ones here, one for player controlled characters, and one for AI controlled characters. You can keep further subdividing those classes as you see fit, but if you want to go back to one of the master classes and say add mana to all characters…you can do that!

Hope that makes sense, and hope that helps!