What is the best way to let your character dodge roll

Hey all :slight_smile:
what is the best way to let your character do a roll in any direction you want. I tried it with lerp over time, but with lerp i went through walls :(. and with launching the character it`s hard to get the desired distance aswell as he get to much force when he Rolls of ledges :confused:
are there more physic based funtion for this kind of problem ? basically i just want to let him go a certain distance and then negate all force he had befor…

kind regards Dennis

ps.: It`s for a Network game, so i can´t use Root Motion, i think… :slight_smile:

i rly need help :smiley:

Did you ever figure this out?

I did it with the normal moving and exchanged the walk animation with a roll animation. Furthermore i add a “isRolling” bool so i can make him invulnerable :smiley:
Hope that helped.
As said lerp will make the character go through walls and launch will only add force so it is pretty inconsistend :smiley: