What is the best way to Import stock blueprints?

Hi All,

I have a library of pre-optimized assets that I use commonly in my scenes. I was wondering if there is some way I can create a shared library or collection or something, to source these from a pre-determined directory rather than duplicating them constantly into new scenes.

For example, i may have 10 couches that i have optimized for unreal, when I start a new room it would be good to have those in a list, on a local drive as a blue print actor so i can just drag and drop it in. Does unreal have any features like that?

I may be able to help, but I need some clarification on some of the terms you’re using.

What exactly do you mean by scene/room? As that a new map, new project, etc?

When you say you are constantly duplicating them, are you referring to selecting them and duplicating them within the same project into another folder, or something else?

You could try migrating all the assets you need into an empty folder (you should be able to do this from multiple projects all into the same folder). This will give you a warning saying that the migration target directory is not an Unreal project, but you can continue anyway.

Now when you start a new project, you simply copy this folder’s content into your new project’s content folder. The next time you open your new project, all of the assets should be there, and not only that, but in the same directory structure.

Hey PixelOmen,

I mean I have several actor blueprints that are spread out over several different projects. So I’d like to have a some local libraries of these blueprints so I can have access to them once I start a new project, rather than re-opening old projects and migrating the assets I need into the new one.

As an example, I have a bunch of good material assets in an old project. I’d like to have a library saved so I can have these ready to go when I start a new project, rather than jumping into that old project and selecting what i need, then migrating it to a new project.

Thanks ill try that, I was trying to look into collections as a way to do this, but i cant seem to get to grips with the logic of it.

I could be wrong, but I believe collections are still contained within the same project, so you’d be back where you started. I think collections are just a sort of tagging system, allow you to group and tag assets into “collections” without actually moving them around.