What is the best way to ignore collision on a character who shot a rocket?

Right now I’m spawning a rocket out of the players hand. The hand rotates towards the mouse, I am using the 2d side scroller template.

What would be the best way to ignore collision on the person who shot the rocket. I’m doing a multiplayer game. When I jump and shoot down I hit my self, I would like it to completely ignore the person who shoots his own gun.

What would be the best system for doing this with a multiplayer game?

Thanks in advance!


You could set rocket to only count impact on other layers than your main character as a valid impact

Hope this helps, -DoctorPC.

My solution was to Set a actor var in my character blueprint to self then in the blueprint I spawn as the rocket I expose a actor variable on spawn. I then in my character blueprint send that actor through a custom event execute on server, and plug that into my spawn of the rocket blueprint which I exposed, then compared if the actors were the same on collision overlap if they were then they ignore if not they explode. Works very well Here is some pics.