what is the best way to hide the top down character


i want to use a top down game setup, just without the top down character (visible)

at this point i am hiding the top down character through set actor hidden
thus i obtain a top down game without a top down character in some sort

only problem still is the character obstructs camera movement when you move the camera and thus character into an obstacle / object
if i let the character overlap (everything) it of course falls through the landscape / floor

so how do i let the character overlap without falling to negative infinity


Hey @barbrian0723!

Are you still wanting to move the camera up and down with the ground/landscape or do you want to have a fixed position for the camera?

Any additional specifics you provide will go a long way in solving your problem?

still want to move the camera (view) around

it is more or less a top down setup just without a top down character

or perhaps it is a top down setup just with a camera other / in addition to the character camera

Hey @barbrian0723,

What I mean is, you can have the camera just move above the ground without a character at a fixed height or you can have the character only have collision with “ground” actors and the camera will move up as you move up a hill for example.

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let me try both approaches

how would you define ground actors? will you have to create a custom collision channel?
the types are world static, world dynamic, pawn, destructible, vehicle, physics body
so how do you set that up