What is the best way to have multiple people working on map without messing up the project?

We have several people in different areas working on our project. we are in the beginning phase of the project and need some guidance on how to make the map work properly without messing up the progress of others. should we start with a large terrain the make towns individually? Any guidance in this matter would be appreciated.

Hi RHzZ,

There are a couple of ways to approach this.

One is to divide the level up in to quadrants so everyone has their own space. Once someone is finished with their part it can then be moved to the main section of the level.

Keep in mind that you need to be careful when editing the Level Blueprint. Only one person at a time should be doing this.

Another way is to create multiple sub-levels and assign each person to their own level. Once they are finished, it can then be merged into the Persistant Level. Just be careful using this method and make sure they still keep their own space. When merging the levels they will merge into the Persistent Level in the same X/Y location as they were created in.

Thanks, TJ