What is the best way to get two people working together on one project from different states?


Atm I am in the beginning stages of game development and looking to build a brand new game on Unreal engine 4. I have another person who it looking to help build the game with me but we aren’t exactly sure on the best way to get one project going so that two people can work on it at the same time from different locations.

I know there are a few solutions like SVN and GIT but I wasn’t sure if that was the best options available to us or if one was better then the other.

Ideally the service needs to be free for the time being and if it can have an online source backup that would be great similar to something like one drive. If it needs to be hosted locally that is fine as well.

Any and all advice is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance =)

Tortoise SVN is probably the simplest. Though one of you would need to host the repository on a machine (at home presumably) with a public IP.

AFAIK free GIT will cloud host your repository but there are some restrictions - the repository must be public (anyone can look at it) and the size restrictions are fairly low for an Unreal Engine game. With musicm models, textures, etc. you’ll probably hit the free limit quickly …

FYI - Due to the binary nature of UASSETS and other resources - some kind of locking mechanism is typically very helpful.

This is why Perforce is used so much more than git or svn for game development in studios.

This becomes paramount as more people are added to the team.