What is the best way to end an object movement blueprint?

Hello guys,

Today i have a question on how to best, end/stop an object blueprint that tells my object how to move in game. Will the object be deselected at the end of this?(that is my goal ultimately, for the object to move until object collision in the y, then end the blueprint upon deselection) (video ref to my work in progress)

I would like to have the object stop movement on contact with the end wall or on become deselected. As of now, it slides at end of wall upon reaching it i does not go through. But when i move it in any direction and have it come in contact with either an object or wall, it bounces off on contact instead of recognizing it cannot go any further and just not moving.

I went through and tried the bool variable, and the result i got was ineffective. I Created the bool an set it as the condition to choosing either -1 or zero to be multiplied by the move speed and delta time. Begin/End overlap what exactly?

Rather than using physics to stop the object’s motion, check “Sweep” when you’re setting its location. It will always check to see if there’s a collision first, and if so it will just stop in its tracks.

I tried this, the result showed no difference in movement. The object traveled and stopped true indeed,yet it did so also without the sweep. I tested to see if it sopped on the side walls maybe and the was a dead end as well. The sweep had little to no effect. Sorry.