What is the best way to create an open world RPG terrain

Next staff I have a doubt about the game that I am developing it will be an open world RPG and I will use the world machine to create my terrain it will be separated by continents for example fauna, fire, ice etc. My question is the following I must create all the continents in the world machine in a single map or I must do them separately I will use the level streaming to render my land for parts more I need this north because I got to make all my continents In a single project as shown in the image below plus I’m having trouble creating materials for example if I create an ice matter it applies at all when in fact it was only to apply on one of the continents. What is the best way to make a big map like this?

This is the terrain that I have created but depending on your help you may have to separate it into different files in order to create the correct materials for each terrain unless you have a way of doing it the way you are all together in the same file

The Terrain you have created in WM will automatically be 5k by 5k so there will be no need to separate anything. That whole landscape will import into Unreal if you export it as a raw16 file. Tiled Landscapes will only be necessary if your trying to generate a much larger terrain which then you will need to use streaming.

I understand thank you very much for your answer. Just take me one more question to texture this terrain as you can see there in the third reference image. I would need to add different materials in this scenario. Is it possible? Example fire, gele, fauna etc. to make the material recognize where I want each texture to go or I should text that terrain in some other software and then import it to unreal or even texturize it in the World Machine itself.

Hopefully we’ll be getting World Creator 2 soon. I would keep an eye out for it. I’ve never used world machine but a world creator plugin for UE4 should be user friendly and powerful (based on my experience using it with Unity)

A cool world creator for what I saw does not have a version for unreal and how I’m using WM I do not know if it would compensate to migrate now I think the only way is to generate a splatmap for each continent and in my materials go texturizing my terrain with these Splatsmaps and go using the ADD node just do not know if this is the best way to do this to capture the desired result as shown in the sample image below


Would be basically what was going to do as shown in the image above but all this would be in the same level using the level streaming in unreal:)