What is the best way to add audio effects to input audio

I would like to experiment with audio in UE4. What I would want to do is see if I can create a very simple guitar effects pedal.

I have a couple of questions for anyone that is more familiar with Unreal Engine’s audio inputs and sound processing capabilities.

  1. Can unreal play audio that is coming from an input device such as a guitar? My guess is yes being that the Engin can get a devices microphone input.
  2. Once I have a reference to the input device is there something in the engine that will allow me to grab the audio data and apply effects to it? My guess is I’d have to be able to perform some an algorithmic function on the data and then hand that back to the engine in a format that it can play?
  3. Is there any c++ libraries that I can use along with UE4 that can make the audio processing easier, that any of you would recommend?

A proof of concept would be if I can create a pedal that can apply an overdrive distortion to the audio data that’s coming into the engine.

this might be old, but should get you closer to your goal, possibly.