What is the best pipeline to make trees


I used speedtree to make trees when I used udk. But ue4, speedtree is not included yet. I tried to model a tree on 3ds max but it’s so hard to handle the vertex colors for the wind.

Is there any tree generator software that can export models with vertex colors that can be used for wind shader?


Speedtree is supported in 4.3, I would just use that

Can we import speedtree asset from old version of speedtree(speedtree 5.0) in ue 4.3?

Also I would like to ask one more thing. I had a full version of speedtree 5.0 which can export fbx mesh. Is there any way to export the mesh from speedtree with vertex colors for wind shader?

Here’s some info about Speedtree for UE4:

I don’t think it supports the old version of Speedtree.

there may be some way to import the old tree version into the new UE4 speedtree and then export it to UE4, but I kinda doubt it :frowning:

So UE 4.3 is already released? Also the speedtree for UE4?

I don’t find anything on speedtree website that links me to licensing page of speedtree for ue4. I want to know the licensing terms for speedtree. Anyone have a license on new speedtree?

4.3 isn’t officially out yet, only the preview, when it’s released (very soon probably) the UE4 Speedtree license will be out for purchase as well.
If you see people using it already it’s because some of us got early access.

Also to answer some earlier question, if I recall correctly you can only import trees from speedtree 6 and up into the new modeller.
Any Speedtrees not made with the new Ue4 modeller won’t be able to be imported into UE4. Your best bet would probably be to export as a static mesh and then set up all LOD and that stuff by hand if you intend to use old trees, which doesn’t seems worth it, better off just making new ones. As long as you still have 2D assets it shouldn’t take that long, the modeller is very easy to work in now compared to the older version.

I think better idea is to model a new tree from the scratch. I know how to model a full tree in 3ds max but it’s needs much time. Speedtree does within 5 minutes while modeling needs 2 or 3 hours for a tree.

However I think I have to model tree by hand for now.

Blender can paint vertex colors.